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Whether it’s a whole-house Grand Design or you’re just working on one specific area we’ll work with you to identify the most appropriate materials and finishes for your project in terms of aesthetics, durability, slip resistance, maintenance, and budgets.

Regardless of whether it’s an Entrance Hall, Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom, Porch, External Terrace, Wine Cellar, Orangery, Driveway, Pantry or Swimming Pool; we’re here to help. 

Natural Stone

Natural stone is a beautiful, characterful material that provides endless and versatility to transform any space whether internal or external.

Whether you’re looking for warming tones and a traditional look for a country house, an elegant, opulent impact for a grand Entrance Hall, sleek, contemporary vibes in a Master Bathroom or the reassurance of suitability for your external terrace or pool surround. We will work with you throughout the process to identify the best materials, whether that’s limestone, marble, sandstone, quartzite, granite, slate, or basalt in line with your project requirements.

Engineered  Timber

Constructed from layered sections of solid wood, running in a different direction to provide stability which reduces its natural propensity to expand and contract, Engineered Timber is a versatile and extremely durable material that’s ideal for residential, hospitality and commercial projects.

Working with British craftsmen we supply a range of European Oak flooring that can be produced in various tones and textures, as well as a range of indigenous species, most notably English Oak, Scottish Douglas Fir and Scottish Elm.

Options include a choice of grades, sizes, surface finishes and colours on products such as plank, herringbone, chevron, and Versailles pattern.


Porcelain technology continues to evolve at an incredible pace and it’s getting harder to tell the difference between natural stone, concrete and timber effect products, and the real thing. Added to this there are porcelain products that have Anti-Odour, Anti-Pollution, Antibacterial and Self-Cleaning capabilities.

We can supply porcelain in large-format slab and tile formats which are ideal for accentuating space with less frequent grout lines to disrupt the flow of floors and walls.

We can also supply tiles in internal and external finishes to seamlessly flow from indoors to outside.


A material that is almost always in the discussion when it comes to Worktops, Kitchen Islands and Vanity Tops and rightly so given the durability of this material over natural Working with approved fabrication partners allows us access to supply and install materials from premium brands such as Caesarstone, CRL, Dekton and Silestone that deliver maximum impact.


There is something undeniably wholesome and beautiful traditional about Terracotta.

Coming in a range of tile formats and shapes, its rich and warming colour pallet is a great option for busy, high footfall areas, whether it’s a boot room in a country home, or a bustling restaurant.


Originally introduced by the Romans, Terrazzo was further refined by the Venetians in the sixteenth century. This truly unique product is made by combining natural stone chippings (typically marble) into a cement base. The chip sizes can be large or small, in a mix of colours and even the cement base material can be tinted to suit.

Available in a range of slab thicknesses, it’s an ideal material for bespoke worktops, tabletops, vanity tops and shower trays as well as floor and wall cladding. The use recycled stone chippings in the manufacturing process also makes this a very sustainable, environmentally considerate material.